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The stipulation and authentication of contracts

Guaranteed by the notary's professionalism, the studio of Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti has a staff of experts on contracts and acts of any kind for which there is an indisputable legal value, ensuring the identity of the parties and compliance at the will of the same.

Sales, divisions, mortgages, constitutive acts of associations, family reunification, wills and donations are all part of the documents and practices that, for their economic and social content, for civil status or for the public interest, require intervention and the services of a notarial studio you can trust and can care in particular the single case submitted to the attention of its professionals.

Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti's studio is the reference activity in Fermo for the stipulation and authentication of acts and contracts.

Contractual technical consultancy

Since the late 1990's, the studio of Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti has been carrying out notarial activity, receiving and conducting an advisory and editorial service of acts and contracts whose content is economic-social.

These include sales, divisions, mortgages and other real estate contracts, constitutions of commercial companies and modifications of social statutes, constitutions of associations intending to obtain legal personality.

Notary contact details

Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti receives clients at the Fermo studio in Via Sabbioni 10.

Phone +39 0734 228784
Fax +39 0734 216345


Mrs LUCIA: Businesses and Company - Billing

Dr. BARBARA: Real Estate and Contracts

Ms. MARISA: Mortgages and Successions

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