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Submission of notarial deeds

Having a reliable notary and recognized preparation for tax and legal matters is a guarantee that allows you to deal with situations requiring maximum security in the area of ​​the protection of practices and documents.
In Fermo, the studio of Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti, notary, offers 360 degree support and advice on all the acts of law, including: acceptance and renunciation of inheritance, mortgage cancellation, business transfer, separation of assets, drafting and publication of testaments , trading, mortgages, successions, signature authentication.

The Notary Office

The studio of Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti is in constant contact with his clients and has always worked hard and absolute precision.

The act drawn up by the notary is a public act, because the notary - who is an public official - is authorized to give publicity; as such has a particular legal effect: what the notary attests in the notary act applies as full evidence, unless the offence is established.

The law prescribes the notarial act for those acts and contracts of which it wants to guarantee to the highest degree the legality, the identity of the parties and the conformity to their will, because it considers them of greater importance.
tesi di laurea in giurisprudenza

Dr Rocchetti's curriculum

  • born in Fermo on 8 May 1963;
  • graduated from Liceo Ginnasio "Annibal Caro" in Fermo in 1982;
  • obtained his degree in law, with a score of 110/110, at the University of Bologna with a thesis in civil law on "Positive and negative aspects of objective responsibility" in 1988 (Rapporteur: Prof. Paolo Forchielli);
  • a pupil of the Bolognese Notary School "Rolandino Passaggeri" at the Notarial Council of Bologna from 1990 to 1992;
  • passed the examination as lawyer at the Court of Appeal in Ancona in 1994;
  • won the notarial competition in 1995;
  • from April 1996 to August 1998 he held the profession of notary at Petritoli's headquarters;
  • since September 1998 he has been a notary professor at Fermo's headquarters;
  • has served military service in the Carabinieri.
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