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A safe pair of hands for legal aid in Fermo

Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti, notary, has been active in the Fermo area since the late 1990's, and has been demonstrating professionalism in legal assistance, by providing his clients with expertise over many years and deep knowledge in all areas of legal discipline.

The assistance provided covers all legal and notarial aspects, with care that also affects the relevant tax sides for each case.
Available by appointment at the head office in Via Sabbioni, Dr. Rocchetti receives and performs the service of consulting and drafting economic-social deeds - such as sales, divisions, mortgages and other real estate contracts - acts of incorporation of commercial companies and amendments to company statutes, successions and constitutions of associations that intend to obtain legal title.

Notary services and consultancy

The notary's figure is a figure that comes into play in many apects of daily life, often governed by laws and clauses that are not easily understandable to those who are unfamiliar with codes and legal technical language.

The writing and authentication of a testament, the donation of a property to children or relatives, the establishment of a corporation, are all operations that require the professionalism of a notary who can assure with their own action the validity and the guarantee of an act in time.

Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti offers legal and notary assistance, which embraces all aspects of corporate, financial, real estate and succession practices, considering for each document also the relevant tax and tax boundaries.
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The notary is a public official established to receive documents, to attribute public faith to them, to preserve them and to issue copies, certificates, summaries and extracts.

Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti's studio can boast a long experience in legal matters, deriving from years of activity, even before passing the competition held by the Ministry of Justice and systematic updates, aimed at ensuring the topicality and validity of legal assistance provided to clients for any need relating to public and private deeds, corporate obligations and any kind of notarial services.

All practices and contracts are unique that have the right to be considered in the specificity of the parties and objects concerned.
Dr. Alessandro Rocchetti, is a lawyer who always takes into account the details of the case in question and those involved.
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